As part of tourism development in Lesotho, The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) together with the Ministry of Tourism Environment and Culture (MTEC), develops Tourism facilities at key tourist destination areas within the country.


Molimo Nthuse Lodge is located about 50 km from Maseru along the road to Mohale Dam. This is an old lodge which was part of Lesotho Hotels and requires major revamp and upgrades to fit the latest industry trends. The Lodge is located near the old Molimo-Nthuse Pony trekking facility and was known for adventure tourism eg hiking and pony trekking to Qiloane Waterfalls, camping and nature walks.  The place takes pride in the tranquility, natural forest, chapping birds and the chanting river water that gives the guest a good rest and body revival. It still maintains its attractiveness to the travelers for being a mid-way stop-over for tourists visiting Mohale dam.


Therefore LTDC herein invites interested and experienced accommodation sector operators to submit Expression of Interest to manage Molimo Nthuse Lodge on a medium term contract. Currently the facility has a total of 16 rooms and a fully-fledged restaurant building. The facility has a huge potential for expansion to bring in a unique hospitality flair for travelers seeking to rejuvenate body, soul and spirit. The interested parties must submit the company’s business profile and indicate relevant professional qualifications, experience in managing similar facilities of a value of not less than M10 million for a period of not less than 5 years, proven exposure to the international tourism and travel sector, business concept, proof of availability of funds for the intended business concept and operations.


Submission of Expression of Interest:

Hand delivered by 12:00hrs on Friday the 19th January 2018 to the Registry, Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation, Corner Linare and Parliament road and the following address will be used:


The Principal Secretary

Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation

P.O. Box 1378

Maseru 100


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